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Acoustic lagging is insulation material used for wastewater pipes in high-rise construction. It’s ideal for reducing or blocking out unwanted noise.


Talk to us about our range of versatile, custom-made insulation solutions for use in your specialist manufacturing and OEM applications.

Equipped for precision
Using our state-of-the-art CNC (computer controlled) cutting equipment, we offer competitive manufacture of rigid ducting fortified by Glasswool Ductboard or Kingspan Koolduct Board, as well as cut-to-size insulation parts for the OEM market.

Got an idea for an original insulation application? Our expert team can help bring your idea to life.

Quality assured
You can rely on us develop custom solutions that meet the highest quality and performance criteria.

Wide range of HVAC facing materials
We also have a vast stock of insulation facings that can be machine adhered to Glasswool, Polywool or Rockwool, often used in the sheet metal ducting industry.

Baron Insulation delivers peace of mind with the right solutions for your commercial building and industrial insulation projects


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