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Foil Faced Baron Rockwool Pipe

Foil Faced Rockwool Pipe Section is continuous through the wall/floor and extends both sides. Tested by the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association Australia and accredited by BRANZ (Report FP10422) in accordance with AS1530.4 –2014, AS4072 and the NCC building code requirements for FRL -/ 120 / 120 in both horizontal and vertical penetrations.

Product description


Baron Rockwool SPI is the ultimate pipe insulation solution for high temperature pipe applications and passive fire protection applications. It is a durable, non-combustible, and cost-effective thermal insulation product that is suitable for a wide range of industrial insulation applications.

Key Benefits

  • Durable high fibre content product
  • Low shot content
  • Non-combustible
  • Low chloride content as per ASTMC795
  • Safe to use product and meets the criteria for bio solubility
  • Low dust fallout
  • Cost-effective thermal insulation
  • Fire penetrations
  • Fire protection insulation
  • ASTMC547 standard specification for mineral fibre pipe insulation


Baron Rockwool SPI is a preformed sectional pipe insulation that is made of inorganic spun fibres from natural rocks and minerals bonded by organic binder. It is non-combustible, suitable for thermal insulation, fire protection, and sound absorption/noise reduction. The product comes with a foil facing for ease of handling. Non-foil faced is available upon request subject to MOQ and lead times.

The product has a good insulation value (k-value) of 0.034 W/mK and a density of 120kg/m3. It is suitable for fire penetrations and fire protection insulation.

Technical Product Information

For more technical information and to download a Technical Data sheet on the product


Protection of copper pipes up to 219.1mm and steel pipes up to 355.6mm outside diameter through Steel Stud Plasterboard Wall and 125mm thick Concrete Floor systems 12mm Galvanised Banding and approved Fire Rated Packing and Sealants are also required around the Pipe Section.


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