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Glasswool Insulation

Made from up to 80% recycled glass, our Glasswool Insulation is the pinnacle of cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions for HVAC insulated duct and ductwork insulation. Ideal for a broad range of applications including HVAC duct insulation, commercial insulation, and industrial insulation, it ensures optimal thermal and acoustic performance in various settings. Our Glasswool ductwrap, specifically designed for HVAC systems, enhances energy efficiency and noise reduction, making it a top choice for both new installations and retrofit projects in residential, commercial, and industrial environments.

Our Glasswool Insulation stands out in the market for its ease of installation, durability, and maintenance, offering a sustainable choice that significantly reduces energy costs. It’s particularly effective for HVAC insulation, providing a comfortable and quieter environment while contributing to a greener planet. Whether you’re looking to improve the efficiency of HVAC systems or seeking reliable commercial and industrial insulation solutions, our Glasswool products offer the performance and environmental benefits necessary for modern, eco-conscious projects.

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Glasswool 32kg

A medium density versatile glasswool insulation providing superior sound absorption properties making it a common choice for internal lining air-conditioning ductwork. The high binder content gives it good rigidity and thickness stability.

it is available in various R-values to meet Building Code requirements. The maximum service temperature for the faced surface is 70 degrees Celsius.

Supplied in roll or sheet form to allow for greater design flexibility in HVAC and commercial building applications.

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Glasswool 24kg

Glasswool Insulation has the high resiliency of a board, while retaining enough flexibility to be used in roll form.

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Glasswool Ductwrap

Glasswool Ductwrap is a lightweight, flexible insulation blanket designed for external lagging of sheet metal ductwork as well as low to medium temperature industrial equipment and appliances.

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Glasswool 48kg

Featuring high compressive strength and clean, accurate fabrication, this high density Glasswool material has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

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