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Baron supply a range of facing products including foils, non-woven fabrics and polyester film. these facings are available in cut-to-length rolls but are generally supplied laminated to various insulation products.

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Plain Foil Facing (LD, MD and HD)

Our range of light, medium and heavy-duty facing foils are double-sided aluminium and feature different levels of product strength reflected in their duty classification.

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External Clad

The External Clad system is a zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, designed for insulation protection.

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Aluminium Foil (50um)

Aluminium foil – a “dead soft” 50 micron plain aluminium foil often used instead of a building foil for higher temperature applications.

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Black Matt Fibreglass (BMF) Tissue

Black Matt Fibreglass (BMF) Tissue – an affordable acoustic option in applications where the product may be partially viable (ie. behind perforated metal or timber slats). It is a light duty tissue made from bonded continuous glass fibres It is not suitable for mechanical cleaning or where a vapor barrier is required.

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Durasorb Black

Durasorb is a black facing material made from 100% non-woven polyester, which is spunbonded with an embossed pattern. When applied in an acoustic facing to Glasswool and Rockwool products, Durasorb provides aesthetic appeal and prevents fibre erosion. Often used as an internal lining in ductwork, behind perforated metal in acoustic silences and behind acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

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Melinex/Mylar Facing

Mylar or Melinex (polyester film) 23 micron is a lightweight clear film which provides an absolute separation between insulation and airways to minimise fibre erosion whilst offering minimum acoustic resistance.

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AFT (Aluminium Foil Trilaminate)

AFT – Aluminium Foil Trilaminate (Vapastop 883) is a lightweight, fully sealed continuous acoustic membrane (CAM) suitable as an internal liner for ductwork. It is ideal for applications where a vapor barrier is required combined with superior indoor air quality performance by minimising the risk of fibres entering the duct’s air stream, whilst also maintaining an excellent acoustic (NRC) performance. AFT can sustain mechanical cleaning.

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Perforated Heavy Duty (HDP) Foil Facing

A reflective foil insulation, our Perforated Heavy Duty (HDP) provides superior NRC acoustic performance values where noise minimisation is essential and where an internal vapour barrier is not required.

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