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Superwool Plus Blanket

Superwool Plus Blanket is a durable, easy to handle insulation material made from long superwool fibres. With excellent thermal stability and fire protection qualities, the product retains its original soft fibrous structure up to a continuous operating temperature of 1000ºC.

Product description

Title: Superwool Plus High Temperature Insulation Blankets: Unmatched Safety and Performance


Welcome to the future of insulation technology with Superwool Plus High Temperature Insulation Blankets. Engineered for excellence, these blankets redefine insulation standards with their durability, superior thermal stability, and exceptional fire protection qualities. Read on to discover why Superwool Plus is the go-to choice for passive fire insulation, industrial insulation, and commercial insulation needs.

Key Features:

1. Outstanding Thermal Performance:

– Withstanding temperatures up to 1200°C, Superwool Plus blankets offer unparalleled insulation performance.
– Maintains its soft fibrous structure even under continuous exposure to high temperatures.
– No fumes or unpleasant odors during initial firing, ensuring a clean and safe environment.

2. Durable and Resilient:

– Needled from both sides, Superwool Plus blankets exhibit high strength without the use of binders or lubricants.
– Resistant to tearing, yet easy to cut with a standard Stanley knife for convenient installation.
– Soft to the touch, minimizing skin irritation associated with traditional ceramic or fiberglass blankets.

3. Versatility in Applications:

– Primarily designed for heat insulation, Superwool Plus also offers excellent acoustic properties and sound absorption.
– Ideal for use in pipe wraps, pipe lagging, pipe insulation, chimney insulation, automotive exhaust heat shields, and more.
– Chemical-resistant, unaffected by most chemicals, except strong alkalis, phosphoric acid, and molybdenum.


1. Passive Fire Insulation:

– Superwool Plus blankets provide a reliable solution for passive fire insulation, ensuring safety in critical environments.
– Compliant with European Regulation I272/2008, meeting the highest safety standards.

2. Industrial Insulation:

– Trusted by industries worldwide, these blankets serve as annealing furnace linings, aluminium transfer launder covers, and welding stress relief solutions.
– Ideal for furnace and kiln backup insulation, offering longevity and efficiency.

3. Commercial Insulation:

– Superwool Plus blankets are the top choice for commercial applications, including oven insulation in both domestic and commercial settings.
– Recognized for their safety and performance, meeting Global Harmonised System (GHS) standards.

Easy Handling and Installation:

Superwool Plus blankets are designed for easy handling, making installation a breeze. The needling process enhances physical properties, providing a blanket that is both robust and user-friendly.


In the realm of insulation, Superwool Plus High Temperature Insulation Blankets stand out as a testament to innovation and excellence. Choose a product that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing unmatched safety, durability, and performance. Elevate your insulation experience with Superwool Plus – setting the benchmark for the future.

For inquiries and orders, contact us today and experience the next level of insulation technology. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.


• Pipe wraps, pipe lagging and pipe insulation.
• Also used in ceramics and glass industries, automotive applications, and in many consumer goods, including chimney insulation for gas fireplaces, oven wrap insulation and insulation for boilers and water heaters.


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