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Acoustic Lagging

Elevate your surroundings to new heights of tranquility with our comprehensive range of sound control solutions. Our product lineup includes Acoustic Lagging, acoustic wrap, and acoustic insulation, making us the go-to source for acoustic sound attenuation, sound barrier, and sound absorption materials. In a world where noise disrupts the flow of productivity and peace, our solutions stand as a testament to cutting-edge sound management. Engineered with precision, they excel in reducing noise levels, enhancing privacy, and ensuring compliance with industry regulations. Crafted from premium materials, the easy installation process makes them versatile additions to any space, from bustling offices to serene homes. Experience the transformative power of our sound control solutions, where silence meets innovation, fostering a realm of focused productivity and unparalleled peace.

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Quadzero™ Loaded Vinyl

Quadzero™ Loaded Vinyl Barrier is a high-performance, foil faced, mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss and low spread of flame surface covering. It is dense, thin, highly flexible, tear-resistant and strong, specifically designed to meet market requirements for reducing noise

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SoundLag 4525C and SoundLag 8025C

Soundlag 4525C is a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam together with a 5kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 8025C is similar to 4525C however has a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam with an 8kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 4525C and 8025C control unwanted sound from hydraulic and waste pipes and other fittings or equipment needing acoustic treatment (fans, air conditioners, pool pumps, motors, etc.) These products are suitable up to 80ºC. Cut to size pieces are sized to include the longitudinal overlap needed for acoustic performance on PVC waste pipes. Strapping and/or foil taping is required to ensure overlaps are maintained. Overlaps can also be achieved by using strips of Wavebar Quadzero at all joins. Refer to the Baron Soundlag brochure for correct installation procedure and applications that meet acoustic reduction requirements of the National Construction Code (formerly BCA).

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