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Baron Insulation offers an extensive range of high-quality insulation materials and HVAC products, catering exclusively to the needs of professional contractors and installers. Our selection is designed to meet the highest standards of the industry, ensuring reliability and efficiency in both industrial and commercial projects.

Our offerings include a variety of premium insulation materials, enhancing energy efficiency and structural integrity, alongside a comprehensive array of HVAC components and systems known for their performance and durability. Additionally, we provide accessories like foil tapes, silicones, insulation fixings, weld guns, hand knives, strapping, and adhesives, all chosen to support and improve your professional work.

We are committed to serving the professional market with products that are rigorously tested to adhere to the highest standards. Our expert team is readily available to provide tailored advice and insights, helping you find the perfect products for your projects.

Baron Insulation pride ourselves on efficient and streamlined processes, making it easy for professionals to get what they need quickly. We strive to be your definitive source for all insulation and HVAC supplies, recognizing the demands and challenges of professional installations. For any inquiries or specific project needs, please contact us.



Mechanical Fixings

For metal fastening choose from these popular metal fixings: Hex Head Self Drilling Screws, Pan Head (Zinc Plated) Self Tapping Screw, Drive Anchor, Dome Head Rivet, and Double Ended Panel Drill High Speed Steel (HSS) material with Titanium Nitride coating.

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Weld Pin Guns and Strapping

Choose from a selection of reliable products including: HBS Pegasar 500 Accu Stud Weld Gun, SureShot II Accessories, Blue Plastic Strapping and galvanised Steel Strapping.

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Fixing Pins and Clips

Baron stocks a variety of HVAC Insulation pins and clips to use when installing both fibreglass duct board insulation and fibreglass duct wrap.

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External Clad

The External Clad system is a zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, designed for insulation protection.

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Flange Tape

PE Foam Tape (Self-Wound Flange Tape) has a uniform closed cell structure with a smooth surface that gives an excellent seal against water and vapour transmission when compressed 10 – 30% of its original thickness.

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External Clad Tape

Use this 3-ply adhesive-backed tape with the External Clad system. Offers zero permeability.

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Durasorb Tape

Baron Durasorb Tape is a black self-adhesive tape with release paper that matches Baron Durasorb facing insulation products, which is spunbonded 100% non-woven polyester with an embossed pattern.

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Plain Foil Tape

Use plain foil tape to seal overlaps and joins in insulation material. Baron Insulation Aluminium Foil tapes have a pressure sensitive adhesive, so, they must be applied using pressure. The more you pressure apply, the more surface contact is achieved, and the better the bond.

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Reinforced Foil Tape

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape is a flexible aluminium foil, laminated with a polyethylene mesh and coated with a high strength, solvent-based aggressive acrylic adhesive and protected by an easy peel release liner.

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Tough Red Caulking Gun

Heavy-duty, high-quality caulking gun that takes standard 300ml cartridges, as used by the professional.

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Max Bond™ Fast Grip

A water based, premium grade, multipurpose adhesive that replaces Foster 252WB Adhesive.

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Anchor Weld Spray ‘n Stick

This adhesive comes in a handy 350g spray can for small jobs and repairs, a very handy tool in a service person’s kit as it eliminates the need for brushes and solvents.

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Foster 32-19 Duct-Fas duct sealant

is an ultraviolet and fire-resistant water-based sealant used on high velocity ducts, gives a flexible and durable air seal.

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FulaSealPRO 260

Heat resistant RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanising) silicone specially formulated for use at high temperatures.

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Silicone (CLEAR or GREY)

A neutral cure sealant used in sheet metal and roofing applications.

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Flex Connection

Vinyl is a commonly used fabric for all duct installations due to its high tear strength and high abrasion resistance.

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DuctGuard is a premium protection/masking film with high-level of adhesion.

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