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SoundLag 4525C and SoundLag 8025C

Soundlag 4525C is a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam together with a 5kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 8025C is similar to 4525C however has a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam with an 8kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 4525C and 8025C control unwanted sound from hydraulic and waste pipes and other fittings or equipment needing acoustic treatment (fans, air conditioners, pool pumps, motors, etc.) These products are suitable up to 80ºC. Cut to size pieces are sized to include the longitudinal overlap needed for acoustic performance on PVC waste pipes. Strapping and/or foil taping is required to ensure overlaps are maintained. Overlaps can also be achieved by using strips of Wavebar Quadzero at all joins. Refer to the Baron Soundlag brochure for correct installation procedure and applications that meet acoustic reduction requirements of the National Construction Code (formerly BCA).

Product description


Enhance Acoustic Performance with Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C Acoustic Wrap

In the dynamic realm of acoustic insulation, Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C stand as exemplars of innovation, redefining the standards for sound reduction in commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings. These cutting-edge solutions not only provide exceptional sound reduction properties but also showcase a versatile design tailored to optimize performance.

Exceptional Sound Reduction Properties

At the heart of Soundlag’s effectiveness is its highly dense and flexible mass layer, setting a new benchmark for sound reduction. This innovative design ensures that unwanted noise is effectively contained, creating a quieter and more comfortable environment. The dense mass layer acts as a formidable barrier against sound transmission, making Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C the go-to choices for applications where noise break-out needs to be minimized.

Decoupling Layer for Vibration Isolation

What sets Soundlag apart is its ingenious decoupling layer that breaks the vibration path between the substrate and the mass barrier. This strategic design mitigates the transmission of vibrations, allowing the mass barrier external wrap to remain flexible. This flexibility is instrumental in optimizing overall performance, ensuring that Soundlag adapts seamlessly to various applications without compromising its sound reduction capabilities.

Fire-Resistant External Foil Facing

Soundlag’s commitment to safety and reliability is evident in its external foil facing, which not only offers a fire-resistant covering but also serves as an excellent surface for joining adjacent sheets using Foil Tape. This dual functionality enhances the overall safety of the installation while providing a secure and efficient method for seamless integration. The fire-resistant properties make Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C not just efficient but also inherently safe choices for acoustic insulation.

Versatile Applications for Comprehensive Noise Control

Designed to address a spectrum of noise sources, Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C excel in reducing noise break-out from hydraulic and waste pipes, valves, fan housings, and ductwork. This versatility positions Soundlag as a comprehensive solution for diverse acoustic challenges in commercial, industrial, and domestic buildings. Whether it’s a bustling industrial setting or a serene residential space, Soundlag ensures optimal noise control.

Conclusion: Redefining Acoustic Insulation Standards

In conclusion, Soundlag 4525C and Soundlag 8025C are not just acoustic wraps; they are pioneers in the evolution of acoustic insulation. Elevate your acoustic performance with solutions that seamlessly blend innovation, versatility, and safety. Trust Soundlag to redefine the standards of acoustic insulation, providing a quieter, more comfortable environment in every application. Choose excellence, choose innovation, choose Soundlag for unparalleled acoustic solutions.


– Pipe Insulation: Soundlag finds extensive application in pipe insulation, effectively reducing noise break-out from hydraulic and waste pipes. Its innovative design, featuring a dense mass layer and a decoupling mechanism, ensures that unwanted noise is contained, creating a quieter environment in various settings.

– Valve Enclosures: Soundlag is ideal for enclosing valves, minimizing noise generated during operation. The flexible mass layer and decoupling properties contribute to effective sound reduction, making it a reliable solution for creating a quieter atmosphere in industrial and commercial spaces.

– Fan Housings: In fan housings, where noise from ventilation systems can be a concern, Soundlag proves invaluable. Its versatility and exceptional sound reduction properties make it a go-to choice for reducing noise break-out from fan housings, contributing to a more comfortable environment.

– Ductwork Insulation: Soundlag is well-suited for insulating ductwork, addressing the challenge of noise transmission in ventilation systems. Its adaptable design ensures optimal performance in diverse environments, making it an effective solution for achieving comprehensive noise control.

– Commercial Buildings: Soundlag’s applications extend to various components in commercial buildings, including pipes, valves, fans, and ductwork. Its ability to enhance acoustic performance in different settings makes it a versatile solution for creating a more pleasant and noise-controlled environment in commercial spaces.

– Industrial Settings: Soundlag’s robust design makes it particularly suitable for the demanding conditions of industrial settings. Whether used in pipes, valves, or fan housings, it consistently delivers superior sound reduction, contributing to a safer and more comfortable work environment in industrial facilities.

– Domestic Use: Soundlag is not limited to commercial and industrial applications; it also finds relevance in domestic settings. Whether insulating pipes or addressing noise from ventilation systems, Soundlag contributes to creating a quieter and more enjoyable living space.

In summary, Soundlag’s versatile applications across pipes, valves, fan housings, ductwork, and various environments make it a comprehensive solution for achieving effective sound reduction in diverse settings, enhancing both comfort and safety.


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