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Glasswool Ductwrap

Glasswool Ductwrap is a lightweight, flexible insulation blanket designed for external lagging of sheet metal ductwork as well as low to medium temperature industrial equipment and appliances.

Product description

Enhance Efficiency and Comfort with Baron Insulation Glasswool Ductwrap – Your Ultimate HVAC Insulation Solution


Welcome to the world of unparalleled insulation performance with Baron Insulation Glasswool Ductwrap. Our cutting-edge product is engineered to provide superior thermal efficiency, flexibility around sharp angles, and remarkable compressive strength to maintain optimal insulation thickness.

Why Choose Baron Insulation Glasswool Ductwrap:

1. Flexibility and Compressive Strength:

Our glasswool blanket is designed to wrap seamlessly around sharp angles and small radii, ensuring a snug fit. The exceptional compressive strength of our Ductwrap maintains its thickness, guaranteeing long-lasting insulation performance.

2. Moisture Resistance:

Baron Insulation Ductwrap boasts outstanding moisture resistance, absorbing less than 0.2% moisture by volume even under challenging environmental conditions. Rest easy knowing that your insulation will remain effective and durable.

3. Safety Assurance:

Your safety is our priority. Our Ductwrap is crafted from Glasswool Bio-Soluble Insulation, meeting the rigorous standards set by the Australian Safety and Compensation Council (formerly NOHSC). It is classified as non-hazardous, ensuring a safe and secure application.

4. Versatile Applications:

Whether you’re working on a residential, commercial, or industrial project, Baron Insulation Glasswool Ductwrap is your go-to solution. Perfect for air-conditioning ductwork, hot water tanks, and as an energy-saving material on process vessels operating up to 340°C (faced surface max service temperature: 70°C).


Residential Comfort

Ensure optimal thermal comfort in residential spaces with our high-performance Ductwrap. Experience energy efficiency and a reduction in operational costs.

Commercial Excellence:

Boost the efficiency of commercial HVAC systems, meeting the diverse insulation needs of office spaces, retail establishments, and more.

Industrial Durability:

In demanding industrial applications, our Ductwrap stands strong, providing reliable insulation for process vessels operating at high temperatures.


Elevate your insulation game with Baron Insulation Glasswool Ductwrap – the epitome of quality, safety, and performance. Invest in the future of HVAC insulation and experience the unmatched benefits of our innovative product.

For all your insulation and HVAC supply needs, choose Baron Insulation – where excellence meets efficiency. Contact us today for a quote and transform your projects with the power of superior insulation.


• Baron Insulation glasswool can be used with confidence in any residential, commercial, or industrial application.
• Use in air-conditioning ductwork, hot water tanks, and as an effective energy saving material on process vessels operating up to 340°C, however, the maximum service temperature of the faced surface is 70oC.


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