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Weld Pin Guns and Strapping

Choose from a selection of reliable products including: HBS Pegasar 500 Accu Stud Weld Gun, SureShot II Accessories, Blue Plastic Strapping and galvanised Steel Strapping.

Product description

  • HBS Pegasar 500 Accu Stud Weld Gun is a battery-powered, mobile device that’s robust and simple to use when stud welding in the workshop or at a job site. It’s also safe and features quick access buttons for fast setup and pre-stored parameters. Fully charged in about 2.5 hours, the Pegasar 500 provides consistent welding energy.


  • SureShot II Accessories – we also stock spare parts for the SureShot II CD Weld Gun (previously supplied by Baron Insulation)


  • Blue Plastic Strapping – 12mm wide reinforced blue plastic strapping in dispenser containing 1000m $25.63 /roll; plus, Plastic buckles – supplied in packets of 1000.


  • Steel Strapping – Galvanized – includes:


    • Steel Banding (two sizes) – 12.7mm x 0.4mm Galvanized Strapping 13-15kg Rolls (approx. 300m) and 19mm x 0.4mm Galvanized Strapping 13-15kg Rolls (approx. 200m)


    • Galvanised ZR Seals (two sizes) – ZR seal for 12.7mm strapping (1000 seals/carton) and ZR seal for 19mm strapping (1000 seals/carton)


    • Steel Banding Tool – Z R Tensioner to be used with ZR Seals


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