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Fixing Pins and Clips

Baron stocks a variety of HVAC Insulation pins and clips to use when installing both fibreglass duct board insulation and fibreglass duct wrap.

Product description

Our range of pins and clips includes:

  • Cup Head Weld Pins – Quick and easy fastening procedure: simply push the cupped head pin onto the chuck of the welding gun and push it through the insulation to weld; Suitable for thermal, fire and acoustic insulation with and without aluminium foil – Fyrewrap®, Glasswool, Polyester, Rockwool; Back side of cupped head electrically insulated; 2.66mm diameter.


  • CD Weld Pins – are 2.67mm diameter with a 5mm base and are used with a capacitor discharge pin welder, also available from Baron.


  • Self-Adhesive Base Pins – have a 50 x 50mm galvanised metal base. For best results, apply to a dry, clean non-porous metal, thermally cured painted surface only – free from oil, grease, dust etc. Clean with methylated spirits. Service temperature is from -30ºC to 80ºC.


  • Perforated Metal Base Pins – have a 50 x 50mm perforated galvanised metal base and can be used with a suitable anchor adhesive such as Liquid Nail or Max Bond.


  • Type K Speed Clips – a 32 x 25mm galvanised metal clip.


  • Type M Speed Clips – a 38mm diameter galvanised metal clip.


  • Thumb Clips – a 38mm diameter black nylon clip. Select the pin length or cut down to below the insulation surface to give a firm grip.


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