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The benefits of high-performance acoustic insulation

A more comfortable sound environment

Minimising the noise that comes from pipes and machinery within an industrial space is simply good design. Acoustic insulation absorbs and blocks sound waves, reducing the transfer of noise transfer, and helping to create a quieter, more comfortable environment.

Insulating for sound makes people more productive

Within a commercial building, noise can adversely affect productivity and overall wellbeing. Whether it’s in school, hospital, or in a workplace environment, acoustic insulation helps dampen noise and minimise noise transfer.

Pipe insulation for sound control

Pipe-lagging around ductwork, wastewater, waste supply, and stormwater pipes can also isolate noise emitted from pipes. Effective acoustic lagging uses a heavy barrier (such as loaded vinyl) isolated from the pipe with foam rubber or fibreglass. It should also extend along the full length of a pipe, leaving no gaps.

Acoustic insulation to control noise from services

Sound barriers help control noise from cooling fans, transformers and other noise producing electrical equipment in electrical plantrooms. Insulation is also effective in isolating sound in lift shafts and other services areas within a building.

Acoustic insulation that’s guaranteed compliant

At Baron Insulation, we’ll help you choose the most effective acoustic insulation materials to do the job and satisfy all National Construction Code (NCC) standards for building and plumbing applications.


How do you measure noise?

The sound absorption performance of a material is measured by its noise reduction coefficient (NRC). The NRC rating is affected by the type of absorbent material, its thickness and density, and its mounting method. The NRC figure ranges from 0.00—perfectly reflective—to 1.00—perfectly absorptive. To measure noise and work out what you need for your project, use our noise calculator.


Which material works best for effective acoustic insulation?

Commercial and industrial building designers specify different materials, such as glasswool, rockwool, polyester fibre, natural wool, or cellulose fibre, to absorb sound. Here at Baron Insulation, you’ll find a whole range of effective sound absorption and soundproofing solutions to suit your commercial building or plumbing project.

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Flex Connection

Vinyl is a commonly used fabric for all duct installations due to its high tear strength and high abrasion resistance.

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Polywool 24kg

Polywool Insulation is a thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket with good thermal control and acoustic absorption properties.

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Polywool 32kg

Polywool Insulation is a thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket with good thermal control and acoustic absorption properties.

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Polywool 48kg

Polywool Insulation is a thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket with good thermal control and acoustic absorption properties.

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Polywool 20kg

Polywool Insulation is a thermally bonded 100% polyester blanket with good thermal control and acoustic absorption properties.

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Glasswool 32kg

A medium density versatile glasswool insulation providing superior sound absorption properties making it a common choice for internal lining air-conditioning ductwork. The high binder content gives it good rigidity and thickness stability.

it is available in various R-values to meet Building Code requirements. The maximum service temperature for the faced surface is 70 degrees Celsius.

Supplied in roll or sheet form to allow for greater design flexibility in HVAC and commercial building applications.

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Glasswool 24kg

Glasswool Insulation has the high resiliency of a board, while retaining enough flexibility to be used in roll form.

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Plain Foil Facing (LD, MD and HD)

Our range of light, medium and heavy-duty facing foils are double-sided aluminium and feature different levels of product strength reflected in their duty classification.

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Glasswool Ductwrap

Glasswool Ductwrap is a lightweight, flexible insulation blanket designed for external lagging of sheet metal ductwork as well as low to medium temperature industrial equipment and appliances.

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Glasswool 48kg

Featuring high compressive strength and clean, accurate fabrication, this high density Glasswool material has excellent thermal and acoustic properties.

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Quadzero™ Loaded Vinyl

Quadzero™ Loaded Vinyl Barrier is a high-performance, foil faced, mass-loaded vinyl noise barrier, offering superior acoustic transmission loss and low spread of flame surface covering. It is dense, thin, highly flexible, tear-resistant and strong, specifically designed to meet market requirements for reducing noise

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Foil Faced Baron Rockwool Pipe

Foil Faced Rockwool Pipe Section is continuous through the wall/floor and extends both sides. Tested by the Thermal Insulation Contractors Association Australia and accredited by BRANZ (Report FP10422) in accordance with AS1530.4 –2014, AS4072 and the NCC building code requirements for FRL -/ 120 / 120 in both horizontal and vertical penetrations.

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External Clad

The External Clad system is a zero permeability, absolute vapour barrier for insulation cladding and jacketing applications, designed for insulation protection.

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Black Matt Fibreglass (BMF) Tissue

Black Matt Fibreglass (BMF) Tissue – an affordable acoustic option in applications where the product may be partially viable (ie. behind perforated metal or timber slats). It is a light duty tissue made from bonded continuous glass fibres It is not suitable for mechanical cleaning or where a vapor barrier is required.

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Durasorb Black

Durasorb is a black facing material made from 100% non-woven polyester, which is spunbonded with an embossed pattern. When applied in an acoustic facing to Glasswool and Rockwool products, Durasorb provides aesthetic appeal and prevents fibre erosion. Often used as an internal lining in ductwork, behind perforated metal in acoustic silences and behind acoustic wall and ceiling panels.

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Melinex/Mylar Facing

Mylar or Melinex (polyester film) 23 micron is a lightweight clear film which provides an absolute separation between insulation and airways to minimise fibre erosion whilst offering minimum acoustic resistance.

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AFT (Aluminium Foil Trilaminate)

AFT – Aluminium Foil Trilaminate (Vapastop 883) is a lightweight, fully sealed continuous acoustic membrane (CAM) suitable as an internal liner for ductwork. It is ideal for applications where a vapor barrier is required combined with superior indoor air quality performance by minimising the risk of fibres entering the duct’s air stream, whilst also maintaining an excellent acoustic (NRC) performance. AFT can sustain mechanical cleaning.

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Perforated Heavy Duty (HDP) Foil Facing

A reflective foil insulation, our Perforated Heavy Duty (HDP) provides superior NRC acoustic performance values where noise minimisation is essential and where an internal vapour barrier is not required.

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Tombo Rock Pipe

Tombo Rock (Rockwool) SPI (Sectional Pipe Insulation) comprises inorganic spun fibres made from natural rocks and minerals bonded by organic binder.

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DuctGuard is a premium protection/masking film with high-level of adhesion.

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Mechanical Fixings

For metal fastening choose from these popular metal fixings: Hex Head Self Drilling Screws, Pan Head (Zinc Plated) Self Tapping Screw, Drive Anchor, Dome Head Rivet, and Double Ended Panel Drill High Speed Steel (HSS) material with Titanium Nitride coating.

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Weld Pin Guns and Strapping

Choose from a selection of reliable products including: HBS Pegasar 500 Accu Stud Weld Gun, SureShot II Accessories, Blue Plastic Strapping and galvanised Steel Strapping.

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Fixing Pins and Clips

Baron stocks a variety of HVAC Insulation pins and clips to use when installing both fibreglass duct board insulation and fibreglass duct wrap.

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Flange Tape

PE Foam Tape (Self-Wound Flange Tape) has a uniform closed cell structure with a smooth surface that gives an excellent seal against water and vapour transmission when compressed 10 – 30% of its original thickness.

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External Clad Tape

Use this 3-ply adhesive-backed tape with the External Clad system. Offers zero permeability.

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Durasorb Tape

Baron Durasorb Tape is a black self-adhesive tape with release paper that matches Baron Durasorb facing insulation products, which is spunbonded 100% non-woven polyester with an embossed pattern.

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Plain Foil Tape

Use plain foil tape to seal overlaps and joins in insulation material. Baron Insulation Aluminium Foil tapes have a pressure sensitive adhesive, so, they must be applied using pressure. The more you pressure apply, the more surface contact is achieved, and the better the bond.

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Reinforced Foil Tape

Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape is a flexible aluminium foil, laminated with a polyethylene mesh and coated with a high strength, solvent-based aggressive acrylic adhesive and protected by an easy peel release liner.

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Tombo Rock Roll and Board

Rockwool is non-combustible material, suitable for thermal insulation, fire protection, and sound absorption/noise reduction.

Tombo Rockwool is an economical insulation material which can be used in applications where high temperatures are involved. The Tombo Rockwool range has a maximum service temperature of 650 degrees Celsius and all blanket material is supplied with a foil facing which enhances flexibility, handling characteristics and strength.

Scrim faced Tombo Rockwool is also available on request.

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SoundLag 4525C and SoundLag 8025C

Soundlag 4525C is a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam together with a 5kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 8025C is similar to 4525C however has a combination of 25mm convoluted decoupling foam with an 8kg/m² loaded vinyl barrier material.

Soundlag 4525C and 8025C control unwanted sound from hydraulic and waste pipes and other fittings or equipment needing acoustic treatment (fans, air conditioners, pool pumps, motors, etc.) These products are suitable up to 80ºC. Cut to size pieces are sized to include the longitudinal overlap needed for acoustic performance on PVC waste pipes. Strapping and/or foil taping is required to ensure overlaps are maintained. Overlaps can also be achieved by using strips of Wavebar Quadzero at all joins. Refer to the Baron Soundlag brochure for correct installation procedure and applications that meet acoustic reduction requirements of the National Construction Code (formerly BCA).

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