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Providing insulation products and accessories for air conditioning systems, ductwork, hot and chilled pipework, equipment enclosures, chillers and boilers, passive fire wall penetrations, silencers, and storage tanks.

The benefits of insulation for commercial HVAC systems

Reducing the demand and increasing the efficiency of HVAC systems

Improved building insulation can help reduce heat gain and loss, putting less pressure on air conditioning and ventilation system to maintain comfortable thermal conditions.

Condensation control

When designing HVAC ductwork in high humidity areas, choose facing options which provide a superior water and vapour barrier and long-term durability against condensation.

Acoustic control

Whether it’s the sound of air moving, or the hissing, rumbling, or rattling of the HVAC system, using the right insulation products to soundproof HVAC ducting systems is a cost-effective way of dampening down the noise travelling within a building.

Ensures compliance with NCC provisions

To comply with Australian standards, ductwork and fittings in an air conditioning system must be equipped with insulation that complies with the current code (AS/NZS 4859.1). It’s also vital that the insulation chosen has an R-Value greater than or equal to 1.0 for flexible ductwork, or for cushion boxes, that of the connecting ductwork. It should also be appropriate for the local climate.

Baron Insulation’s range of insulation solutions for commercial HVAC systems are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the latest National Construction Code (NCC).

Popular commercial HVAC insulation solutions include


Tombo Rock (Rockwool) SPI (Sectional Pipe Insulation)

Composed of inorganic spun fibres made from natural rocks and minerals bonded by organic binder, Tombo Rock SPI is preformed sectional pipe insulation with a foil facing for ease of handling.

Tombo Rock Pipe

Glasswool Insulation

Ideal for various thermal and acoustic insulation treatments, including internal and external lagging of air conditioning duct work.

Glasswool Ductwrap

FlexiCell NBR Roll Insulation

(Formerly known as PlumbaFlex) a flexible lightweight nitrile black rubber providing thermal insulation and protection to prevent condensation and save energy. Also provides sound absorption.

FlexiCell NBR Insulation – Nitrile Black Rubber Rolls

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