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Industrial insulation that delivers on safety, reliability, sustainability, cost, and performance is our core business.

Our experienced sales and support team are specialists at helping you select the best products for your industrial projects. Choose from the Baron Insulation range of fire rated, thermal, acoustic, condensation control and indoor air quality insulation.


Thermal Insulation

To increase safety, save on energy costs, minimise equipment maintenance and repairs. We also design, manufacture and supply custom-fit thermal insulation covers for high temperature equipment.


Acoustic Insulation

Industrial environments can be noisy. Choose from our range of acoustic insulation solutions to manage sound and ensure safe working conditions within your industrial building project.


Passive fire protection

  • Our industrial roof insulation solutions offer a level of fire resistance to help specifiers meet all appropriate Australian standards.
  • Reduce heat transfer and limit the spread of a fire and to protect assets, including fire-rated insulation for ductwork, electrical and data cables, plumbing and air conditioning pipework.

Our industrial insulation solutions are suitable for:

  • Custom-made insulation covers for machinery and OEM applications. Used in gas and power plants, oil refineries, turbine plants and processing plants.


  • High temperature industrial pipe ducting and equipment insulation applications such as steam boilers, industrial ovens, marine vessels, breweries, abattoirs, foundries, power stations, refineries.


  • Low temperature industrial pipe and equipment insulation applications including breweries, chemical industries, cryogenics, dairy farms, food processing, HVAC, mining, oil and gas industries, pharmaceuticals, utilities, water treatment and wineries.


  • Chilled and hot water industrial pipe equipment insulation for applications including air conditioning systems, HVAC, fan cooled units, dual temperature systems, hot water piping, chilled water systems, pre-insulated piping systems for industrial applications

Baron Insulation’s range of insulation solutions for commercial HVAC systems are designed to meet your requirements and NCC standards.

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