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How Baron Insulation’s new warehouse is delivering on our ‘peace of mind’ promise

In June 2020, we consolidated our four sites, moving to one well-equipped warehouse in Keysborough Victoria. Two years on, we’re out of lockdown and all set to support business growth for our suppliers and customers.

Delivering the product and service our clients need is what any organisation does to stay in business. But at Baron, it’s at the core of what keeps our clients happy and coming back to use our services time and time again.

So, after years of planning, we consolidated four sites into one to make sure we always had stock of the insulation products people needed.

Now that we’re settled-in, the team are continuing to work hard, talking with our customers every day to make sure their businesses can keep ticking along.

Here’s how having one convenient location is helping to support our partners:

Faster order turnaround

By consolidating our four factory and warehouse sites into one large 7500m2 new site in Keysborough, we now have all the products you need in the one convenient location. This means we can reduce stock picking times and have your order ready faster.

And because of the increased space in the warehouse, we no longer need to store stock on mezzanine floors. Not only does this reduce manual handing for our staff order processing is more efficient.

A smoother, faster loading process

Having dual loading docks at our new premises is a big improvement on the old site where we only had one dock. This means improved site traffic flow in the loading area for customer pickups and for our own delivery vehicles.

A more convenient location

By moving 10-15km closer to central Melbourne, we’ve reduced the distance most our customers need to travel for pickups. With the cost of petrol increasing all the time, this is a real bonus for both us and our customers!

A bigger warehouse means more insulation stock is on hand

Many of our customers offer next-day delivery. Which is why having the capacity to hold increased stock levels means we have the product you need when you need it.

A safer workplace

Now that we’re not having to move products between locations and having to drive on roadways and through the staff carpark, we’ve significantly reduced any forklift hazards.

Of course, what hasn’t changed is the enthusiasm of our team, our industry knowledge, and a commitment to helping your business thrive.

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